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Tiszavirág Psychological Center located in the center of Szeged offers a variety of psychological services.


Our mission is to provide a wide range of professional mental health services by highly trained professionals. High quality work is ensured through regular supervision led by our supervisors and case discussion groups organized for our psychologists.


Our colleagues continuously develop their knowledge through professional trainings.

Tiszavirág Psychological Center

Our professionals



consultant psychologist-trainee


Professional supervisor


clinical psychologist


Provides counselling in English

certified psychologist


Provides counselling in English

Katalin Vitéz

pedagogical psychologist, graphologist,

grief-recovery specialist


Provides counselling in English

clinical health psychologist

How can we help you?

Difficulties with self-esteem

Psychological issues that are connected to our self-image in some way and have a harmful effect on our quality of life.

Anxiety disorders

Anxiety, fear, irritability, and restlessness accompanied by physical symptoms, along with avoidance behavior (e.g. panic disorder, phobias, social anxiety).

Relationship and workplace conflicts

Unproportionate harm caused by everyday stress, or the persistence of conflicts in daily life.

Sexual disorders

Emotional problems related to sexual life, including non-physical sexual problems as well.

Learning methodology

The development of learning abilities, skills, and attitudes through the acquisition of learning strategies and methodologies.

Sport Psychology Consultation

Its aim is to enhance performance, self-esteem and motivation; reduce anxiety; improve concentration and attention; assist in the process of returning after an injury, transition to civilian career; as well as set goals in sports.

Grief and loss

Assistance in processing emotional pain experienced from, for example, the loss of a loved one, divorce, moving, health, or the loss of a beloved pet.

Career Guidance

Selection of the further education direction/career path based on the individual’s needs and abilities, and planning of a career change.

Mother-child relationship

Challenges and difficulties during the period after pregnancy and birth.

Our prices

Psychotherapy/Counseling/Art therapy 50 EURO /50 minutes

Application for counseling/therapy

Thank you for turning to us for help with your problem.


Address: Szent István square 2., 6721 Szeged, Doorbell: 49


Apply for an appointment under the "Application" menu.

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